Ultra-Cool, Rugged, Tough


High Capacity, Ultra-Rugged, Superior Comfort

Finally, a series of Multi-Purpose Tactical Backpack which combine the ultimate in capacity, versatility, toughness and comfort with modern tactical options. It’s simply the bags that do it all. Whether your game is stalking through forests, fording rivers, crossing deserts, or scrambling along mountainsides, You will never run out of capacity or options. All backpacks feature: 600D Waterproof Oxford Cloth, heavy duty construction and parts, wide, sturdy and comfortable straps for ultimate comfort and longevity, and modern tactical features.


The SHAPESHIFTER Convertible backpack:

This high quality, rugged and comfortable tactical backpack has a trick up its sleeve; it converts into a respectable suitcase for checking into airports, trains, buses and hotels. It is ideal if you spend half of your trip in civilization and half in the wilderness. 

With 70L capacity, it’s plenty big, and its tall, and flat construction, coupled with double layer padded shoulder straps make it easy and comfortable to carry. 

The WORKHORSE All-Purpose Tactical Backpack:All-Purpose Tactical Backpack 50L 70L Arctic digital

With its 50L Main backpack and an additional 20L of packing space in its 3 detachable smaller bags, this backpack is the most versatile you can find anywhere. Ideal for any type of trip and any situation, this backpack will serve you well on anything from a road trip to a week-long hunting or fishing vacation.



The PATROL PACK daypack:

with 30L of space divided into and 3 large and 2 smaller sections, this medium size backpack is ideal for shorter trips where you need to keep your items separate and handy. Like the other bags, it features moll

The MISSION PACK maximum mobility backpack:

Only weighing in at 15L of capacity, this backpack is light, snug, and designed to give you freedom of movement and speed for those situations where you can’t let yourself be slowed down.

Convertible Tactical Backpack

High Capacity, Practical, Rugged, Comfortable

This high Quality, rugged and comfortable Tactical backpack has a trick up its sleeve. The straps can be hidden so it converts into a respectable suitcase for checking into airports, trains, buses and hotels. If you need  to buy a high capacity backpack for the forest, and one for going about your business in town, Don;t. This baby does both.