The Bag That Does It All

Sportsmen everywhere are going nut for this! A Multi-Purpose Tactical Backpack which is the ultimate combination in capacity, versatility, toughness and comfort and adds modern tactical options.

It’s the backpack for all situations

Backpacks are about 4 things, capacity, strength, comfort and organization. You will not only carry all your equipment for years in comfort, but you will also be able to easily organize, pack and unpack your belongings.


Whether stalking through forests, fording rivers, crossing deserts, or scrambling along mountainsides, you will never run out of capacity or options with this Multi-Purpose Tactical Backpack. The main backpack will hold up to 4 days worth of supplies and equipment. With its 3 separate compartments has a capacity in excess of 50L. With the 3 detachable bags, capacity increases to over 70L.  It is ideal for camping, hiking, fishing or just plain road trips. The 3 detachable bags give you a multitude of choices for everyday use.


This baby not only made from the toughest material around, but it’s also totally reinforced with high strength micro filament straps. It will take all the punishment nature throws at it. It is splash-proof, with waterproof, covered zippers. All zips, locks, buckles and straps are military grade quality.


This backpack is designed to carry a heavy load and make it easy. It keeps the center of gravity low, where it belongs, for best possible performance and balance. When you pack it heavy, it keeps its shape. It has a padded back to keep items in your backpack from digging into your back, and wide, double layer padded straps for ultimate comfort. The waist belt and belt buckle are extra wide and comfortable, even when pulled tight.


This backpack has all the features you expect from a well-designed tactical backpack, a sturdy handle for comfortable grip, back and side molle system and D-shaped loops for attaching extra equipment, and an outlet for your headphone and charger.