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Playing with and solving puzzles is paramount in human development. From the simplest of peg-in-the-hole type games to the mysteries of science and technology, puzzles not only help us develop cognitive skills, such as reasoning, logic, deduction and sequencing, but also improve fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination. Moreover, they improve social and communication skills if solved in a group. Success in problem solving also boosts self esteem and gives confidence to take on more and more complex problems.


For the smallest kids, peg-in-the-hole type games and 3-50 piece puzzles activate the brain, improve the ability to focus and use reason discover what is possible and impossible. Puzzles also provide invaluable fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination training.

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Puzzles and DIY for Bigger Kids

For more developed kids, puzzles with up to 500 pieces or 3D puzzles, continue to sharpen cognitive and motor skills skills and the ability to concentrate, while at the same time developing a sense of self-worth and determination to succeed. DIY projects let kids work with their hands and imgination in a different way, 

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Puzzles and DIY for Very Big Kids

For advanced problem-solvers, puzzles and DIY bridge the world of play and work. For older kids, really difficult puzzles require sharper observational skills and patience. These activities also push problem-solvers seek more knowledge and develop new skills.